About Us

Who we are

Started in 1998, Alpine Earth Garden Center has been helping create beautiful gardens in Silverthorne, Colorado and all of Summit County, Colorado since then. We're owned and managed by Sherie Sobke, a lifelong passionate gardener and proponent of earth friendly, sustainability.  Education is a big part of indoor gardens and outdoor gardens, especially in an alpine or high altitude gardening environment. We always welcome your questions and have lots of educational material to help your garden be successful. We love getting to know our customers...Like the relationships of plants and the earth, we sustain each other.

About our building

The Alpine Earth Gardens' building was carefully designed to use passive solar and sustainable practices. And, we're famous for our "garden roof!"

About our grounds

Alpine Earth Gardens is situated beautifully on the banks of the Blue River conveniently right off Highway 9 in Silverthorne, Colorado. Our grounds are an oasis - listen to the bubbling water of the river as you browse our beautiful annual and perennial plants. We also host events on our grounds and in our gorgeous greenhouse. Ask us about options.

Our philosophy

Sherie's emphasis is on care of the earth. At Alpine Earth Gardens, they have never used pesticides or herbicides and prefer natural methods for high altitude garding. Their favorite "green" thing (besides plants!) is the compost and soil that sustains and feeds plant life. Any gardener's goal should be to protect and build soil full of worms. An indicator of great soil!  

Chemical fertilizers kill the living microbes and animals in the soil and wreck the beautiful relationship of plant and earth. If trees are the lungs of the earth, then soil is the digestive tract. We help you create beautiful outdoor gardens and indoor gardens naturally.

Alpine Earth Gardens is still here after many years thanks to our customers who lift us up and feed our souls. We are "perennially" grateful!